Autism & Developmental Disabilities

At Health Quest, we see children with autism as more than just a collection of difficult behaviors. We see it as a disability that may be defined by behavior, but is actually a set of treatable medical problems that affect the whole body. These medical problems need to be identified and treated, because they can impact a child’s behavior and ability to learn. Autism is defined with a variety of behavioral characteristics such as impaired communication and social skills and restricted interests. Over the years, professionals have speculated as to the cause. Some said it was caused by poor parenting, others said genetics. The emerging research is now showing us otherwise. Autism is now considered an “epidemic”. The incidence rate has increased by more than 6000% in the last 20 years. Coincidentally, the incidence of other issues, such as ADD/HD, asthma and allergies have increased exponentially, as well. Genetics alone simply can not explain the increased illness and disability in this current generation of children.

We are discovering that Autism may come from a variety of factors. Food sensitivities, pollutants, heavy metals, gut dysfunction and immune system dysregulation all seem to play a part. Children with autism tend to present with similar medical issues. Most of these kids have serious digestive issues, and have a history of multiple ear infections (along with multiple antibiotics), colic, difficulty breastfeeding, constipation, diarrhea, and eczema. Many children also have a history of negative reactions to their vaccinations, as well.

At Health Quest, we see children with autism and other disabilities with new eyes. We work to assess their nutritional status to determine if their symptoms or behaviors may be due to a nutritional deficiency, immune system problem or digestive issue. We also try to determine if some level of spinal misalignment may be contributing to the symptoms. Each child’s treatment is individually developed for them, and may include chiropractic adjustments, changes in diet, and supplements.

Health Quest is a safe and accepting place for your child to come for treatment. Please, don’t be afraid that your child’s behavior is “too bad” or that you will be judged by how they act. We welcome all children with any disability or behavioral issue. We are here to help!