Dr Roger Owens, DC

Practicing Chiropractor

I’m a native of the Jefferson City, MO area and have been in active practice for 20 years. My primary reason for practicing in this area is that all my family lives in or around Jefferson City.

Our practice has built an excellent reputation for being efficient and we are result-oriented with an extremely patient-friendly atmosphere. My office staff is well trained and always provides beyond-belief service to our patients. Our goal is to get every patient well as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. We look forward to working together for the benefit of our patients.

I am married to Jackie Owens and have 4 children, Andrew, Joshua, Samuel, and Anna. I graduated from Jefferson City High School. I completed my undergraduate work in Biology and Chemistry at Central Missouri State University – Warrensburg, MO. I completed my graduate work at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, MO in 1987. I am Physiotherapy and Extremity adjusting trained.