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3 Ways to Get Rid of Lower-Back Stress

Are you one the millions of people who work at a computer the majority of the day?  

low back pain resThe constant stress and strain associated with the head jutting forward and the rounded shoulders can lead to increased neck, upper back, and pain between the shoulder blades, as well as some muscle tightness and imbalances.  

If you are one of these individuals, the following list containing “3 Things To Perform If You Work At A Computer” will be beneficial for you!

1– Walk It Out– It’s simple, get up and move around!  Changing positions or getting up and moving every 30 minutes (whether it’s for 15 seconds or 5 min) is an excellent way to combat the constant stress of sitting all day!

2–Have Your Workspace Evaluated–  Easy, simple tweaks to make your workspace more ergonomically sound, can make a profound difference!  Things to check include: having your computer screen at eye level and directly in front of your chair, positioning your keyboard so your elbows make a 90-degree angle with your torso, and having your chair set at a proper height in order for your feet to be flat on the floor.

3–Corrective Exercises– Performing postural corrective exercises, such as wall/floor angels and head-neck retractions, are a very effective way to improve posture when performed correctly.  Check out our videos for examples and how to perform these exercises!

If you or someone you know works at a computer for the majority of the day and is having some aches and pains associated, we would invite you/them to stop by the office for a spinal health check and evaluation!

Dr. Nick Knaup

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