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Meet The Health Quest Physicians Group

Chiropractic Team

Dr. Roger Owens, Chiropractor

Dr. Roger Owens, D.C.

With an uncle and cousins who were chiropractors and an osteopath grandfather, Dr. Owens grew up around natural health disciplines. “It intrigued me that they worked with the body to get people well, relieving all types of sickness without the use of drugs or surgery.” He wanted to help others enjoy their body’s full healing abilities and decided to become a chiropractor. Dr. Owens attended Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri. There, he learned several different adjusting methods, including the Thompson Technique. He often utilizes this method today as a diagnostic tool that indicates precisely where an adjustment is needed. Read more about Dr. Roger Owens… divider-grey

Dr. Ted Tang, D.C.

Dr. Ted Tang, Chiropractor
A lifting injury when he was about 19 sent Dr. Tang in search of a solution. His persistent low back pain didn’t respond to medicine, and that’s when he went to the chiropractor. “A combination of chiropractic and rehabilitation exercises brought me back to health. It was my first experience that showed me the world of alternative medicine, and led me to attend chiropractic school.” Though he was unfamiliar with chiropractic care, Dr. Tang’s father worked as a surgeon, and it piqued his interest early on in health care. He would shadow his father and even observed surgeries when growing up. To this day, Dr. Tang’s passion is learning, and he enjoys working with multidisciplinary practitioners every day at Health Quest Physicians Group that he can gain knowledge from. Read more about Dr. Ted Tang…

divider-grey Dr. Brandon Lehr

Dr. Brandon Lehr

While pursuing his undergraduate education, a lower back injury from playing sand volleyball led Dr. Lehr to pursue chiropractic care. His lower back pain eventually turned into severe migraines while sitting in class and were greatly affecting his ability to focus. His stubborn demeanor let the issue linger for more than 3 weeks before having his first chiropractic adjustment. He was immediately hooked on the idea of natural healing through spinal care! That chiropractic physician eventually became a mentor to Dr. Lehr. He identified his strengths and began to push him to pursue a chiropractic education. Read more about Dr. Brandon Lehr…divider-grey

Family Medicine

Dr. Sara Perkins, MD

Dr. Sara Perkins, M.D.

Dr. Perkins graduated from the University Of Missouri School Of Medicine in 1994. She completed her residency at Cox Family Practice in Springfield, MO and University of Kentucky Family Practice. She worked for over 10 years with St. Mary’s Family Health clinics and Urgent care centers. In addition to Family Medicine, Dr. Perkins has a great interest in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). BHRT looks at progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone levels in both men and women. Hormones are critical to our body’s health. Read more about Dr. Sara Perkins… divider-grey Susan Brookins

Susan Brookins, Medical Assistant

I have been with Health Quest since July 2014. I graduated from Jefferson City High School and Metro Business College with an Associates Degree in Applied Science. I have lived in the Jefferson City area all my life and am now raising two wonderful children with my husband Ryan. Everyone here is a joy to work with. divider-grey

Massage Therapy

Bobby Beanland LMT

Bobby Beanland, Licensed Massage Therapist

I am originally from Eldon, MO. I grew up with 3 younger brothers and graduated from Eldon High School in 1994. After high school, I attended Linn State Technical College for their Physical Therapy Assistant Program. I graduated from there with an Associates of Applied Sciences. After a few years in the field, I moved to Sarasota, Florida and enrolled at Florida College of Natural Health. I earned my certificate in Therapeutic Massage in 2000. Currently, I enjoy spending time with friends, family, and my three dogs. I love hanging out at the lake on the water, participating in martial arts and being artistic. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (573) 635-9655 or at divider-grey

Physical Therapy Team

John Kesler, Physical Therapist

John Kesler, Physical TherapistJohn became interested in Physical Therapy after a motorcycle injury at 17 years of age. He went to P.T. afterwards for over a year. Realizing the benefits of exercise for his recovery, he pursued being a physical therapist as a career He also pursued many avenues of exercise to continue keeping his leg strong including running, bike riding, weight lifting, martial arts and sailing. John has worked in most avenues of P.T. including hospital care, home health, clinic owner/manager and pediatrics. He’s been at Health Quest for two years and enjoys the multifaceted chiropractic/physician/physical therapy dynamics of holistic patient care.

Jennifer Noblett, Physical Therapy Assistant

Jennifer Knoblet, Physical Therapy Assistant In 1996, I became a graduate of Columbia College with a degree in Biology. After several years of practicing as a physical therapist technician, I returned to school and graduated in 2011 to obtain my physical therapist assistant license. Since then, continuing education has given me the opportunity to practice in cranial sacral therapy, myofascial release, and counter strain techniques. I have been with Health Quest Physicians Group since graduating in 2011. I feel blessed to be working along side a team of individuals who share their knowledge and experiences to address the needs of our patients in a positive, healing environment. When I’m not a work, my husband, Colby, and I stay very busy with the interests and activities of our five children. It can be a crazy schedule, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. divider-grey

Administrative Team

Jodie Phillips, Office Manager

I have been with Health Quest since February, 2003. I was born and raised in Meta, MO. I graduated from Fatima High School in 1998. I graduated in 2000 with an Associates Degree in Applied Science/Physical Therapy Assistant from Linn State Technical College. I am also a certified professional coder. Health Quest is such a great place to work and everyone, including our patients, is like family.


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