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5 Ways to Prevent Text Neck

Due to the advances in technology these days, there is an increasing number of people having more and more neck issues, which can be attributed to spending more and more time on their phones! The repeated stress of forward bending the neck or jutting the head forward can lead to a number of problems including herniated discs, headaches, tightness/stiffness of the neck and upper back, and pinched nerves. The following list contains “5 Ways to Improve Text Neck”!   smartphone-smaller1– Keep a neutral spine posture, this will help reduce any unnecessary stress to the spine and surrounding tissues.   2–Hold your phone at eye level and avoid looking down for long periods of time. 3–Take breaks from your phone.  I think you’ll be able to survive without it from time to time! 4–Use dictation or hands-free texting apps.  Take advantage of these! 5–Exercises, such as head-neck retractions and using a cervical roll, can also help in reducing any extra stress the neck area.    If you or someone you know is on that cell phone all day, and is having some some aches and pains associated, we would invite you/them to stop by the office for a spinal health check and evaluation! Dr. Nick Knaup

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